A place for words trapped behind lips & cheesy unspoken words of gratitude.
Dear everyone, I don't say thank you as often as I should, and I know that. I'm sorry.

You still might stumble upon this somehow so I won’t say your name.

I still feel bad about ending it with you. Not to say that I regret it now (because I’m happy where I am), but even though it was a short time and you’ve probably gotten over it a long long time ago, a part of me always felt guilty.

There’s really no point in bringing it back up, but here, I want to say sorry.

We have strong chemistry and it makes me feel happy and yet weird when I’m around you. Maybe it’s more of a friendship thing. You’re a really great friend to have and I appreciate you.

I wonder if everyone who breaks up with another (on good terms) feels this way?

Thanks for taking me out to lunch.  I know you were just looking for someone to eat lunch with on your day off, but I really appreciate it.  I haven’t gone out much lately and I’ve been feeling so lost in life.  Having a social life keeps me sane.  Keeps things real.  

It was fun playing Chinese Chess today!

P.S. I still owe you like $10.  DW, I remember.